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Brrr Its Cold outside

Updated: Jul 19

Welcome to our first blog post! As we enter July, winter is well upon us here in Australia and we all know how hard it can be then we are stuck indoors for days on end trying to come up with a constant flow ideas to keep the children entertained. We thought we would help out with adding some more ideas of fun indoor activities to do with general house hold items!

1. Build a fort

Building forts is the basis for some of my fondest childhood memories, my brothers and I would run round the house and find as many spare sheets, blankets and pillows as we could to build the biggest fort we possibly could! However as you can imagine this then meant there was a bit of a mess usually in the living room, so Mum had a very strict rule about forts and that was that they had to be fully packed up by the end of the day.

I defiantly recommend trying out this with your children for a little bit more fun and excitement try adding fairy lights it create a great calming space to read a book our just quietly relax.

2. Homemade play-dough

Making play-dough is such a great activity to do with the children, providing endless amount of fun. Making the play-dough is great to start introducing measurements and teaching children how to read and follow a recipe. Then of course once the making of the play-dough is complete then comes the hours of entertainment of playing and making different things straight from their imagination.

I defiantly recommend splitting the batch in to 3 or 4 before adding the food colouring so that you have a few different colours to play with.

Follow the link or a full recipe:

3. Wright a Play and Perform it

This is another great way to get the creative juices flowing! Help with prompts to get them started then have the children practice the play use dresses to come up with costumes and put on a whole performance!

This was another one of my favourite things to do during the winter when I couldn't play outside, it maybe just be my creativity but I always go supper in to my performances with props, song and dances costumes the whole lot!

4. Watch a Movie

Now I'm not just talking about putting on a movie and watching it with the children I'm talking about setting up the lounge room like a home movie theatre, close all the curtains, bring out all the pillows and blankets, cook up some popcorn and flavour it with your favourite toppings. Make some hot chocolate and top it with yummy marshmallows!

5. Board Game Tournament

Board game tournament is another one of my favourite indoor activities for winter time. Pull together your children's 5 or so favourite board games and line then up in a row, then you play each game keeping tally of the winner of each game and then the person with the most wins by the end of the tournament wins! Now its up to you wether you actually put a prize up for grabs or just play for the fun of it. If you do want to put a prize up for grabs to add a bit of motivation here are some ideas

- Freddo Frogs

- Be for starting the tournament make a trophy to give to the winner at the end

- Winner gets to chose the next activity or whats for dinner.



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